Improving Quality of Place & Quality of Life in Downtown Gallup

Downtown Gallup MainStreet Arts & Cultural District
Located in Historic Downtown, the Gallup MainStreet Arts & Cultural District is a non-profit organization that plans and executes the revitalization work of the MainStreet program intscreen-shot-2016-11-28-at-2-01-40-pmegrated with the cultural economy work of the Arts and Cultural District.


Download the New Mexico Arts & Cultural District Team Assessment (7MB PDF)

What is an Arts & Cultural District?
The Arts & Cultural District is a unique joint effort between the New Mexico Department of Economic Development’s MainStreet Program, the Department of Tourism’s Scenic Byways Program, and the Department of Cultural Affairs’ Division of New Mexico Arts and Historic Preservation. In 2007, legislature passed Gallup New Mexico Arts and Cultural Districtenabling legislation to establish New Mexico’s Arts & Cultural District Program. They designated the State’s MainStreet Program Director, the State Coordinator of the Program, and the New Mexico Arts Commission as its “authorizing” governing body. The Program was launched to help communities preserve their heritage, provide support to cultural entrepreneurs and institutions, and capitalize on the potential economic opportunity for the District as well as the town. The New Mexico Arts & Cultural District aims to embrace the full spectrum of the creative economy.

New Mexico MainStreet
Since 1985, New Mexico MainStreet has been a powerful force for revitalization of communities across the state.
Combining historic preservation with asset-based economic development, NewMexico MainStreet works with local affiliates and partners to re-build resilient Main Streets as the foundation for healthy communities.

The success of New Mexico MainStreet and its Gallup New Mexico Arts and Cultural District copyrelated community economic development programs relies on partnerships. The unique collaborative relationships across state agencies is rare in state government. The Historic Preservation Division and New Mexico Arts Division of the Department of Cultural Affairs and the New Mexico Tourism Department leverage resources, skills, contacts, and services to bring a comprehensive program to New Mexico’s local and rural revitalization organizations.