Beautifying Gallup’s Thoroughfares

 An initiative to creatively activate alleyways in downtown Gallup through the commissioning of murals, performances, and other artist-led initiatives. The primary. focus of the project will focus on the alley between First and Third and Coal and Aztec. The selection of this location is based in tandem with the City of Gallup planned infrastructure improvements in our downtown alleys and roadways. The initiative also includes programming and temporary projects.

Art This Way seeks to engage artists of different mediums and experiences, with an emphasis on community engagement. Through its implementation, we hope to bring vitality and activities to oft-overlooked thoroughfares in the district, and offer an opportunity to bring new voices to our already robust downtown art landscape.

Checkout the mural projects below, and keep in mind that the addresses are for the front of the street, but the murals are in the alley!

Ric Sarrcino – 207 S 3rd Street – Turney’s

Ric Sarracino – 2018

Mural depicting Gallup’s red rocks behind a train, and a chorus of prairie dogs in the foreground.

Marina Eskeets – 106 W Aztec – NWNMCOG

Marina Eskeets – 2019-20

A mural connecting a personal narrative about sheep herding to the broader community.

Chris Acevedo – 105 W Coal – VACANT

Chris Acevedo – 2020

Four inset scenes depicting the different seasons in Gallup, signs of change, hope, and resilience.

Jerry Brown- 214 W Aztec Ave – Dental Innovations

Jerry Brown – 2020

A dynamic scene of birds and natural life symbolic of resilience and movement.

2020 Juneteenth Community Mural

Designed by artist Jerry Brown

A volunteer-led community building initiative celebrating diversity and healing through a temporary mural.

ART ON THE FENCE – Spring 2021

Installing March 16-19th

Temporary installations by four local artists on the construction fencing of Coal Avenue Commons.

Downtown Gallup is home to over a dozen other murals, learn more about them here >>