Dig into Downtown Stories is a video series that was created to help introduce downtown businesses located within the MainStreet district, to locals and visitors alike. Featuring retail, service, and food and beverage businesses each video tells the story of that business and Historic Downtown Gallup. All the videos are available on the Gallup MainStreet YouTube Channel.

Hear from Jude Candelaria, owner of Flux Tufa Works in Historic Downtown Gallup. Check out his website:
Mary Walker, owner of Weaving in Beauty, shares a story about a
coveted piece and how her store got started.
Visit http://weavinginbeauty.com​.
Barry Klopfer talks about his law practice and shares the story of how he ended up in his building in Historic Downtown Gallup, NM. Check out his business here: https://klopferlaw.com
Rhonda and Ryan Quintana share more about bringing music to the community in Downtown Gallup! You can check out their store at https://www.quintanasmusiccenter.com​.
This week, Rita Watson, longtime employee of Desert Dove on Route 66, shares more about the store and her favorite pieces – including work by Susie Kee, Robert Leekya, Darryl Becenti, and Thomas Francisco. ​
Barbara Stanley talks about hosting her public access television show in downtown Gallup for the last 33 years. Check it out on local channel 21, or catch some recent episodes over at 7 Cities Productions: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClHz…
Donovan and Cynthia Ferrari talk about running their vibrant family-owned business on Route 66 in Historic Downtown Gallup. Find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SilverDustTr…
Tiffany Saucedo talks about seeing a need for more holistic product options in Gallup and wanting to connect with the community as inspiration to open her storefront downtown. Learn more about her store on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tiffanyshous…
For this episode of Dig into Downtown Stories: Restaurant Edition we visit Sammy C’s Rockin Sports Pub and Grill in Historic Downtown Gallup. Come along as we learn a bit about this famous Downtown Gallup landmark, Sammy Chioda, and his family. To quote Sammy, “Downtown…is where you get the local flavor.” https://www.samycsingallup.com
Hear from Kathleen and Rick Heisch, owners of Shi’Ma Traders & Pawn in Historic Downtown Gallup, NM. Check out their store on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shimatraders…
When you’re at Red Rock Insurance, you’re family! Meet Joe & Liz Sanchez and the whole team, and learn more about the history of their downtown office.
Tiffany Benson talks about creating community through hand-crafted coffee at Gallup Coffee Company in Downtown Gallup. Check out: https://www.gallupcoffeecompany.com
Meet Melanie Van Dorp, owner of Makeshift Gallery, and hear more about Gallup’s downtown artist co-op and their handmade items – now including cloth face masks! https://www.facebook.com/makeshiftgal…
Colina Yazzie shares more about their family business, specializing in intricate handmade items from local artists – including Colina herself! Learn more on their website: https://www.yazziesindianart.com
Coye Balok shares the story behind his bespoke leather goods
and Kestrel Leather’s current pop-up shop at
Crashing Thunder Gallery in Downtown Gallup.
Leaf Ashley talks about seeing a need for the performing arts and starting her community-focused studio in Historic Downtown Gallup.
Check out the studio: http://brightlifearts.com
In response to Covid-19, Gallup MainStreet Arts & Cultural District has started the Restaurant Edition where we like to encourage you to Order In and Help Out our amazing locally owned downtown restaurants. Our first Restaurant Edition story is from Gallup Coffee Company. https://www.gallupcoffeecompany.com