[Workshop] FEBRUARY 2 & 4 – What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story? A two-part workshop led by Melanie Lenci.
Part 1: Tue Feb 2; 4pm – 6pm
Part 2: Thu Feb 4; 4pm – 6pm
*note you only need to register once for both parts

Have a story about your art or business, but don’t know how to put it together or share it to get noticed and boost business? We do, and we wanna show you how.

This two part workshop will cover:
Telling Your Story
Using Your Story to Engage Others on Your Website
Using Your Story to Engage Others on Your Social Media
Using Your Story to Hook Others to Wanna Help You Spread Your Word 

Led by Melanie Lenci, founder of Kick-Ass Entrepreneurs. Presented by Gallup MainStreet Arts & Cultural District.

Melanie Lenci works with HatchForm, an economic development consulting firm located in Santa Fe, to make community and economic development project magic. Since starting as a HatchForm consultant in 2018, she’s helped run an entrepreneurship bootcamp for middle school students, contributed to projects for the City of Santa Fe’s Office of Economic Development, helped SFI launch a tech accelerator for socially conscious founders and presented on “How to Engage, Excite and Shape Your Entrepreneur Story” as part of Gallup Mainstreet’s HatchIt! Entrepreneur Bootcamp. Melanie’s also the founder and funmaker of Kick-Ass Entrepreneurs (KAE)  Entrepreneur Story Time events, a program that builds connectedness by bringing community together around the sharing of local entrepreneurs’ stories.