[WORKSHOP] – How to Improve Digital Marketing Skills with Photography for Creative Entrepreneurs

How to Improve Digital Marketing Skills with Photography for Creative Entrepreneurs – Basic, Moderate, and Advanced Skill Levels – Originally recorded April 27, 28, 29, 2021.

Day 1 Basic Level: April 27 – Click HERE to view the recording. Improve your digital marketing skills with photography skills! You have the ability to create elevate your digital marketing skills with simple photography tips of lighting, angles, and staging. In their training, you will be introduced to some basic skills that will help you take better with just your phone! Social Media can be an excellent tool to help you expose your great products to a wider audience especially, during COVID-19. Join us for this training that will cover some basics of building a better social media platform for Creative Entrepreneurs and Craft Markets on Pinterest, Etsy, and Instagram, etc.! In the first 1.5-hour Lunchtime Learning Workshop in this series, you will learn how to take better e-commerce photos and see examples of some great templates and active accounts.

Day 2 Moderate Level: April 28 – Click HERE to view the recording. Because of COVID-19, selling your products may take on the e-commerce strategy more than ever right now, and knowing how to take a better photo of your products is crucial. You know the basics of taking a great e-commerce photo however, you are running out of ideas for this upcoming cycle of seasonal shopping. Are you trying to elevate your photography skills with a mix of new editing apps and templates? In the second 1.5-hour Lunchtime Learning workshop in this series, we will help you with some new creative ideas and powerful apps for product e-commerce photography.

Day 3 Advanced Level: April 29 – Click HERE to view the recording. As a creative entrepreneur, you understand the importance of a product photo and how to display it correctly. Are you trying to transition from product-only, white background images to in-context or lifestyle photos, or vice versa? In the third part of this lunchtime 1.5-hour training series, you will learn more about how to take quality visuals to enhance every buyer touchpoint. 93% of consumers consider images essential in purchasing decisions.

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